Shopping process
Purchasing process

Registered member Click "free registration" above the home page and fill in the personal information to complete the registration. The registered mailbox will be used to retrieve the password. Please register with the actual mailbox.

Web login: click on the upper left hand side of the home page, please login or the right member center login account

Mobile terminal login: you can choose to use the account login, password free login and third party account login

Model Search 

(one).Single model search In the search box, enter the product model and purchase quantity you want to purchase, select the spot search or exact search, and the system will show different search results according to different search conditions. 

(two).Model price ratio Fu smart technology supports single model parity and multi model parity. The user can input and need to buy products supplier and type in the search box (single or multiple), the system will display the search results according to the supplier arrangement, convenient for users to compare the suppliers to provide different prices, product type and price gradient to see a supplier. 

(three)Join the shopping cart Users need to purchase products in the search to the search page, can understand the price gradient in pop and modify the purchase quantity, price and quantity determined after directly into the shopping cart; can click the commodity name into the product details page, see more information and then add to cart. 

(four)place order After completing all of the above processes, click "submit the order" and then pay in accordance with the payment method you have chosen. After the submission of the order, the page will show the order number, and we will send you an order confirmation letter by email, which shows that we have received your order.

Logistics description

one. Arrival time: under normal circumstances, for the 4-12 working days after we receive the payment, different suppliers will have different delivery time. 

two. SHENZHEN CHIP GUEST TECHNOLOGY CO.,LTD currently supports domestic delivery and delivery in Hongkong, can be shipped to the designated domestic / Hongkong address, logistics default SF express, you can check the logistics and transportation status in the member center. (Fu Xin Technology and SF express logistics information synchronization, rich science and technology member center shows the logistics status is the latest state) For more information, please contact rich technology online customer service: Contact time: Monday to Saturday: 09:00-18:00 Enterprise phone:86 755 88603371