Common problem

How to order goods? You can first browse our website for information about goods. To see your satisfied items, you can add them directly to our shopping cart on our website, and then place an order.

Would you please tell me the reason for shopping here? We only purchase from the original factory or agent, regular channels, guarantee the original quality.

We clearly. All the prices are made public on the website page, and the prices are more transparent and reasonable.

We have a large number of stock, a total of more than 50 thousand kinds of components.

We offer ordering and purchasing service. If the stock is not enough, we will provide the order service. If our store has no goods, we provide purchasing service.

We support retail. Solve the problem of sample purchasing, sell for one yuan, and provide one-stop shopping service for you.

I like your goods very much. I have bought a lot of them, but some of them have been out of stock Can't you make it? The online customer purchases is relatively large, the goods may be out of stock at any time, you can choose the merchandise you need, I shop for ordering services and purchasing services.

Can all products be purchased on the website only?.

Answer: at present the website looks for all commodity can be bought, if be in stock, we basically can deliver goods that day. If it is not available, we can help you with the order. If you need the goods we haven't, we can help you purchase.

Can the order from FU Cong mall provide the contract?

Sure。 After customers submit orders on the website, customers can operate the print sales contract PDF file on the website. The contract is a contract for both parties and has legal effect.

Why do you need to register with the rich hearing member?

Only registered users can order on the Internet and enjoy preferential prices.

Only registered users can login to the "member center", use more member shopping function, manage their own information.

Only registered users are likely to receive our gift or cash coupon.

What about the password?

When you forget the password, please login to the registration page, click "forget password", the system will automatically tell you your password through email, you can log on "member center" to change the password, to ensure your interests.

What about the points? What's the function?

The level of integration reflects only your concern and support for us. Our points are generated by ordering goods. For highly integrated customers, we will have a certain reward, in order to repay the broad masses of customers.