Invoice notes

1.The invoice will be issued by the Shenzhen finance center and will be delivered at the same time as your order. Please let us know and pay attention to it. 

2.Monthly customer invoices unified, 25 month, all out, and then sent to express service. If the number 25 is a holiday, the billing time will be extended to the first working day after 25 

3.The amount of the invoice will be based on the amount actually paid by the customer. 

4.Please fill in the correct invoice, mailing address, contact person and contact number so as to ensure that the invoice is delivered accurately. If you do not fill out this item, Fu technology will take the delivery address as the invoice mailing address, so as to contact you in time. 

5.If the invoice and the goods are not the same address, we will send it separately according to the invoice address. (invoice, courier fee to be paid by client) 6.TILON technology to provide invoices "ordinary VAT invoice (not deductible)" and "special VAT invoices (deductible)" in two, please check the corresponding invoice to customers in certain order options, such as no choice, we do not need the invoice will be regarded as

VAT general invoice

1.For those who do not have the general taxpayer qualifications, are issued VAT invoices.

2.When the invoice is issued, please enter the required invoice information at the website personal center. 

3.The invoice is sent to the customer by express mail, and the invoice information is identical with the information you entered. Once the invoice is opened, the invoice will not be exchanged.

Special VAT invoice ensure that the "VAT invoices issued" smoothly, please submit your billing information in order to fill the page carefully check, if you submit the information error caused by the wrong invoice and affect the certification deductible, TILON technology will not be responsible. 

2.In order to facilitate the use of customers, "VAT invoices" will be shipped with your goods sent to you by express. 

3.In order to enable customers to use VAT invoices in a timely and effective manner, please fill in your company's latest billing information: general taxpayer qualification certificate, tax registration certificate, business license. 

4.If the customer has handled the business cards in one, please provide the general taxpayer certificate and business license information.

Matters needing attention

1.If you are unable to open the VAT invoice due to the wrong information you filled out, we will automatically draw an ordinary invoice for you. Once the ordinary invoice is issued, it will not be returned.

2.According to your input information issued VAT invoices, without prejudice to the certification of the deduction, we will not accept the VAT VAT invoice request

Friendship tips

1.If you receive the goods in 14 days have not received the invoice, please contact with our customer service staff; (more than 30 days from the date of your successful single) not to contact us, TILON technology will no longer be invoiced in order to fill the invoice.

2.Invoice in the "goods name", our company unified default by "electronic components" issued; "model specifications" according to the actual model of goods, and do not accept the actual transaction contrary to the special billing requirements.

Return of invoice

1.If you receive the invoice and enter your billing information, order information is not the same, please contact our customer service staff, Tel: 86 755 88603371, we will be the fastest speed for you to replace the correct invoice. 

2.If the invoice you receive is in line with the billing information and order information you entered, but you need to change the relevant information, please contact our customer service staff directly. 

3.Without the permission of the customer service, if you send the invoice without authorization to any of our office addresses, we will not be responsible for the loss and deletion of the invoice, and we shall not be held responsible.