Distribution mode
international shipping

Integrated circuit (IC) class of materials imported will be free of international freight, but the device for non integrated circuit or the total weight of more than 1kg large volume, high weight of (such as fan, cable, connector module, etc.) may require the user to pay an additional international freight.

Domestic freight

1. Each order free basic freight, members of different classes, different amount of free basic freight, registered member of first order free shipping details, click on the grade of membership system; such as device part of large volume or overweight (such as fan, cable, connector module, etc.) according to the actual situation, the user is required to pay the corresponding domestic freight.

2. Basic freight to members from single to domestic shipping freight, such as user requirements for delivery times on the order, the user is required to pay the freight separately, three members do not limit the number of shipments by drilling, details click on the grade of membership system.

Hongkong freight

1. SHENZHEN CHIP GUEST TECHNOLOGY CO.,LTD support delivery to Hongkong designated address, each order is waived once the basic freight (100 Hong Kong dollars), freight more than 100 Hong Kong dollars, part of the user needs to pay separately. 

2. In order to avoid affecting the speed of delivery, in this case, the default to express delivery to pay timely delivery:

a. The weight of the goods delivered in Hongkong, such as more than 3kg or more than 0.03m3, should be paid in accordance with the standard of Hongkong express company. 

3. The specified delivery address if the warehouse, container terminals, airports, remote areas and special areas (including but not limited to urban residential area, houses and schools), users need to pay additional fees in accordance with the Hongkong express company charges, click the query Hongkong express surcharge details